Aqua Swing Band
Street Theater - Creation 2009
(moving street show)

In their sumptuous scene clothes, three amphibia people
(two divine-divas and one Cool-Crooner) come from the depths
of the big blue, walk in the streets of our Earth and spread the famous
"Deep Blue, Swing and Rock’n’Roll of the oceans".

From their voices and the edge of their fingers,
they send groovy rythmes and music.
They have the secret of the TunaFish Chachacha and Squid Rumba.
From their shiny suit, their wiggling melodies come and swing.
Their choreographies were made by a see-slip master.
Then, they go in banns, as if they were grabbed by the Gulf Stream.

With plenty of songs, this show is spoken with an imaginary
swinggy language understandable in all languages…

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